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Sublime Weddings will help you in styling and planning your best day. 

As your planner we will focus on everything that suits your vision to make your wedding day magical! 

Your perfect wedding 

Emily Steward

Athina Is INCREDIBLE! I reached out to her just about 2-3 weeks before I came to Santorini to see if she'd be interested in helping me plan a styled wedding photo shoot. She said YES and literally worked her magic and made it become a reality!! Before I came to Santorini I spent some time In Barcelona for another styled shoot, and was very busy and not always able to make decisions quickly. But Athina took all of that off of my hands! She did ALL the hard work of contacting all vendors and making sure everything was designed the way I had envisioned it. She was always available for me to ask questions or talk to when I needed to. On the day of the shoot, she was so organized and ready to go. Because of her, everything went perfectly. Not only Is she so talented at what she does, but she's such a wonderful person to be around. You will not make a mistake by hiring Athina for whatever event you need help with. I'm so grateful to her for helping my Santorini wedding photo shoot come true!

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